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Xifaniso xa Xivala ekusuhi na Bulawayo hi lembe xidzana ra vu 19.
Xifaniso xa ku akiwa ka Xivala (Mawuwani 1853, X, p.78)[1]

Xivala i xiakiwa xo hlayisa swifuwo swa muti wa Vatsonga, hambi leswi valavisisi lava fikeke etikweni-nkulu ra Afrika a va hlamusela muti kuri xivala. Xivala a xi akiwa hi ndlela yo sirhelela swifuwo hi ku tirhisa tinhonga to bumbula na marhavi ya mintwa ku rhendzela xivala.[2][3][4]

Mintshaho[Lulamisa | edit source]

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