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A hi vulavuleni

Please Note: This is not a place to ask questions

This main page will definately evolve as resources increase in this wikipedia. This page is for Discussions about the Xitsonga wikipedia main page and the way forward. Comments in this page will be in English or Xitsonga. Please sign your comments with ( ~~~~ ) after leaving a message.

Always show curtesy to fellow users, abusive speech will not be tolerated in this talk page.

Main Page Protection[edit source]

The main page contains complex formating to comply with basic principles of a main wikipedia page. Should you believe that there are spelling, orthographic inaccuracies or would like to make additions to the main page or its templates. Please add the requests below. This is done so as to protect Unintentional breaks in template and formatting. --06:18, 8 Hukuri 2017 (UTC)