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This is the {{tdeprecated}} template.

Note: This template itself is not deprecated. However using it with only one parameter is deprecated, it now takes 2-3 parameters instead. In the display above it gets no parameters, that's why the small text says: "This usage is deprecated."

{{deprecated template}} redirects here and can be used as an alternative name for this template.

This template notifies users that a given template has been replaced by a different one. This is useful when usage is different (so a redirect won't work) or you'd like to reduce the number of redirects (which makes bot parsing more difficult).

Whenever possible, it should replace the deprecated template's content entirely, so that someone using the template will see the message.

Usage[edit source]

{{tdeprecated|old template name|new template name}}
{{tdeprecated|old template name|new template name|date=Mudyaxihi 2024}}

Normal usage[edit source]

Normal usage categorises templates to Category:Deprecated templates.


With a date[edit source]

Adding the 'date' parameter subcategorises the template to Category:Templates deprecated since Mudyaxihi 2024.

{{tdeprecated|old|new|date=Mudyaxihi 2024}}

Technical details[edit source]

This template changes style depending on what kind of page it is show on. Thus it adheres to the standardised looks for the different pages. For instance if this template becomes visible in an article it looks like this:

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